Conference dinner:

The ICRC 2013 dinner will take place at one of the most interesting space of Rio - The Rio Scenarium. Voted by "The Guardian" newspaper as one of the 5 best themed bars in the world, this restaurant / bar / nightclub is a sight to behold. Transformed from an early 20th century house, this trendy venue is decorated with old fashioned home appliances and furniture. A live Brazilian music show will be performed during the night thrill and excite and push you to dance! Appetizers including the famous bean broth and the Brazilian caipirinhas are available for you to taste and enjoy a typical "carioca" (nickname for Rio de Janeiro inhabitants) evening!!

Special tours:

A set of tours specially selected for the ICRC participants by Blumar is now available in the following link.

Important information on the private tours (please, read it carefully):
  • The ICRC 2013 participants and their accompanying people will have 1 or 2 choices of tours/activities per day, except in the free day, where a pack of 4 choices will be available.
  • Pay attention to the fact that a minimum number of 19 people is required in order for the tour to happen. In case that minimum number is not reached, the Blumar staff will get in contact with the registered people to propose alternatives.
  • People interested in the offered tours should register themselves in the Blumar webpage at least 15 days prior to the tour. We apologize for such an early deadline, but Rio has become a very common destiny to tourists in the last years.
  • A credit card number is required during registration, but no amount will be charged before the minimum number of participants is reached. In case of charge, a voucher will be sent by email to the registrant.