Instructions for paper preparation and submission

Invited, Highlight and Rapporteur

  • These papers are going to be published as an special issue of the Brazilian Journal of Physics.
  • Your paper should be sent by e-mail to, with the subject: "ICRC 2013 Proceeding"
  • Please use the ICRC2013 template.
  • You may post your contribution to ICRC2013 to public sites, like the arXiv.
  • The recommended extension for the papers are 12 pages for the Review and Rapporteur Talks and 8 pages for the Highlight Talks.

  • Oral and Poster Presentations

    • Members of big collaborations: people presenting contributions in the name of collaborations:

      Author for the XXXX Collaboration

      should send their full author list in Latex style by email to

      subject: Collaboration Author List

      Inform in the body of the message the name of the Collaboration and send the list as a .tex attachment. Our editorial board will be responsible for including the lists at the end of the Conference Proceedings. As an example, you can check this .tex.

    • Papers should be prepared with Latex using the ICRC2013 style. The maximum lenght of the papers is 4 pages.
    • Figures should be in eps or pdf format only.
    • All files should be sent compressed as one tar gzip file (tar.gz).
    • The source tex file should be named icrc2013-XXXX.tex where XXXX is the ID number of your abstract.
    • Figures should be named icrc2013-XXXX-YY.eps where YY is the order of appearance of the figure in your paper.
    • Recommended procedure to produce the final pdf file:
    • latex icrc2013-XXXX.tex
    • dvips -t a4 icrc2013-XXXX.dvi
    • or simply:
    • pdflatex icrc2013-XXXX.tex

    • The tar.gz file should contain:
      • icrc2013-XXXX.tex
      • icrc2013-XXXX-YY.eps(pdf) as many as needed.
      • icrc2013-XXXX.(ps or dvi or pdf) compiled paper.
      • Please send in the tar.gz file the compiled postscript or dvi or pdf file of your paper. It will help us to solve small editing issues.
      • To submit your paper. please login into the INDICO server and:
        1. access the link My Contributions in the My Conference
        2. section menu. You will see all your accepted papers.
        3. click on one of your accepted papers, then click Edit files
        4. to upload your paper, click on Add Material
        5. select Material type: Paper.
        6. Browse and Create Resource